The Underhanded familial thief strikes again! 11

Shine stood watching her dying brother with unbelief in her mind even though the evidence was in front of her eyes.  She could not fathom the ‘smug sneer’ on her brothers face and she asked herself ‘does he think this is funny?’ Perhaps he did, after all he had lived with and adopted the ‘psychopathic philosophy’. Shrew had taught him well.  Shine realised that she did not really know this brother even though they had been close and now all of the relationship and its actions and consequences came into question – a lifetime of doubt! A new picture was emerging and it was not a pleasant one and everything would have to be reviewed in order to understand it and gain a true perspective on her life and relationship and that of the psychopath, her husband and child Bozonarciss.

Shine stood staring at her brother and said “Well?” and finally he admitted that he had taken them years before – still no remorse – and Shine’s heart sank. There was no point in continuing for obviously there would be no satisfaction, no apology, no regret. Even facing death her brother did not relent or repent and only god knows what he said to himself to justify his actions – maybe he didn’t, perhaps he was beyond caring! The theft had created so much ‘bad blood’ in the family it was now unrepairable – a split and a wound that would never heal! What could Shine do? She said she was going to take them and return them to their rightful owner and her brother blocked the doorway of the bedroom with the wheelchair and said “No, they are staying here, he will get them when I am gone!”  As a side note, James never did receive his films back as Bozonarciss would not allow their return.  But that story is for a later time as there is much pain attached to it also.

Anger, disgust, ire and a multitude of feelings raged through Shine’s thoughts. He’s a liar, thief, manipulator, bringer of pain, an energy vampire and cares not for others! ‘He is in service to self and walks in shadow!’  Shine’s world was so out of whack, the truth was so different to what appeared to be reality that it rocked her – shook her to her core. It was one of those moments that was burned into her psyche for ever and could not be erased or altered because it had touched her soul – marked it – and it would never be the same, reality shifted, the world tilted and was forever askance. Someone she had loved and cared for her whole life, been there for him, supported him, was not a good person and behaving so badly she did not know him!  She dropped the films on the bed, glared at her brother and said she was going.  Shine would later think to herself when some equilibrium had returned,  ‘What about the dying man’s confession?’ ‘The asking for forgiveness?’ ‘The seeking of resolution?’ ‘The need for absolution?’ ‘The healing of a family?’ ‘To seek truth and to walk in the light?’ But none of that had manifested , just that smug defiance and Shine would once again feel tremendous, soul biting pain and the tears of despair.

Whilst struggling her way through this emotional battlefield another incident of theft was recalled to her memory. One that had happened about six years previously.  Shine recalled that Shrew had suddenly started turning up frequently and unexpectedly to the familial home, which at that time was two hours travel away by car.  Shine’s father was always suspicious of these visits and stated so as he never liked Shrew and would always question her motives. (He turned out to have more wisdom than was thought and therein lies a lesson also.) So anyway, on one day Shrew turns up soaking wet and not in the car and says that she came by train but she did not ring to get picked up.  The distance to the station was ten miles. Shrew tells her father in law that she walked from the station, he immediately disbelieves her and thinks that she walked from the end of the street as she had no umbrella. You see it had been raining heavily for nearly a week up and down the whole coast and no-one would travel that far (around 60 miles) without her car and walk ten miles in the pouring rain – torrential – with no umbrella and how long would it take?

So Shine’s father interrogated Shrew as was his want, and finds that the story is convoluted and non-sensical and the times do not correlate. Shine’s father did not believe a word of it and could smell a rat. What was really going on here and who else was she seeing? For Shrew clearly had not walked ten miles in ‘high heels’, so someone had driven her there, she had no umbrella so she hadn’t needed one and therefore not brought it as a car was involved. She was wet but not ‘soaked to the skin’ as she should have been and still had plenty of energy. Shrew stuck to her lies and Shine’s father gained no truth or resolution, Shrew wanted to spend the night and was allowed to stay as it would have been rude to refuse, she was his daughter in-law after all. So stayed she did this night as she would for several others – very unusual- and her father in law was constantly suspicious and forming his own theories for this odd behaviour.  She did not tell her father in law anything and when he awoke at 6 am the next morning Shrew was gone! She did not wake them, leave a note or say goodbye or anything and this confounded them even more.  The other family members came to visit, stay the night or weekend and this continued for a month and all seemed well.

On Shine’s next visit her father sat her down after the kids had gone to bed and said to her we need to have a serious talk.  Shine was immediately alarmed as she thought her father might be sick or dying or perhaps she had committed some ‘faux pa’ or other. Her father said to her “I need to ask you something and it’s very serious, I have spoken to your siblings about it.” “There is a thousand dollars missing from this house, did you steal it?”

Shine’s jaw dropped, the shock reverberated around the inside of her skull and stunned her, she truned ashen, her mouth dried up and she was unable to speak and she sat there like a gaping cretin.  Shine’s father immediately said to her, “No, I can see you didn’t but I had to ask.”  Shine’s father went on to explain how it happened, where the money was hidden – under a rug on the lounge room floor, underneath the sofa in a wallet – so whoever  had stolen it, had been doing a great deal of searching to find it.  Shine’s father believed he knew who it was and began to unravel a story.

To be continued…

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.


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The underhanded familial thief. 10.

Shine felt for her brother and she really had to convince him of the theft and on his next visit he checked Shine’s bookcase thoroughly. Which is the result of being manipulated by the psychopath.  Shine felt defensive (unconsciously on the defensive and starting to question herself).  Shine realised she was doing it again and reminded herself about her own disappearing books and did not blame her brother James and in this way she was able to validate her own feelings of loss anger and regret.  A new kindred feeling opened between her brother and herself.  The attacks of such psychopaths and manipulators are designed to confuse and dis-empower their victims.

The perpetrator gets a person to doubt their own ‘gut feelings’ or ‘instincts’ and then argue to themselves about whether they are being abused or taken advantage of.  And whilst Shine was doing this she was becoming more defensive as there is no ‘hard core proof’ and therefore doubt is being cast as to who the real perpetrator was or is.  It was hard for Shine to think clearly and act rationally when you were always “emotionally on the run” so to speak.  But being in the ‘presence of mind’ or ‘mindful’ helped Shine to regain some balance.

Jame’s book was never found and he did believe Shine for he knew she had owned many floral art books and they too were gone.  In the years to follow, James and Shine would exchange many books and they were always returned.  So it would take years for concrete proof to be established but at that time it was a ‘tenuous trust’.  Further  proof would also be forthcoming in the months and years ahead as money, expensive tools and equipment would disappear from the family home.

We move to a scene in the dining room of the family home.  James had an interest in Super 8 home movies at that time as there was no such thing as video.  An argument errupts after dinner,  over the disappearance of the Super 8 movie projector and movies between James and two of his sibling sisters Tish and Trease.  Many family home movies had been made with this equipment and they were priceless memories of weddings and family gatherings and also of those who had died and were no longer in the family. Simply irreplaceable!  The  movie gear had become old and was rarely used but had become a family heirloom if you will with its priceless memories and was in storage in the shed.  It had disappeared from the shed and no one could pinpoint when and at what time it had done so!

Shine, who was visiting her father, had wanted to view her wedding movie along with her long time girlfriend who was at her wedding and so was at the familial home looking for the said projector.  It was no-where to be found.  Tish and Trease had borrowed it for viewing and said they had returned it to the home and this was whilst James was travelling. Father had confirmed this.  So the argument ensued with James, Tish and Trease blaming each other for the loss and it became a heated argument indeed with swearing, shouting, verbal abuse and the breaking of family relationships.  The argument lasted for hours, devastated the family and the two younger siblings were blamed with the misdeed and were never really forgiven for it! And this lasted for many years!

Over the years there had been many family gatherings and visits back to the familial home as is normal, but this allowed the psychopath Shrew, her husband (Bozonarciss’ father) to come and go whilst doing their evil deeds and laying mayhem, hurt and pain in the family home.  So manipulative and sneaky were they that no witnesses ever saw the dirty deeds, just found the objects missing and blame a plenty for those who were left behind. So destructive were these episodes no family member ever fully recovered from the hurt and blame laid at the feet of innocents.

So Shine at that time did not get to see or reminisce over the wedding movie and was deeply hurt by the events that had engulfed the family in a feud and split it in half.  More pain dished out by manipulators.  It was many years later when Bozonarciss’ father – Shine’s brother was dying of cancer that it came to light that he and Shrew had ‘stolen’ the projector and all the family films!  The whole lot!  Shine who will always work on the side of light was looking after her thieving brother whilst he was dying. As a side bar, no confessions were ever made by him, not even on his deathbed.  So Shine was cleaning the bedroom and opened the closet and lo and behold, there in the back of the cupboard was the projector and all the films with her brother James’ labelling and writing on the tin canisters.

“My God” Shine exploded, pulling the containers from the closet, putting them on the bed and confronting her brother in his wheelchair.     “You bastard”! “You had these all the time whilst the family was fighting and destroying itself and you never owned up the truth”! Shine was flabbergasted as she faced her brother and there was this smug sneer on his face.  No remorse, no guilt, no regret, just this smug sneer.  Shine was so angry she could have hit him.  No words or thoughts could penetrate the blind anger she was feeling and who was this person she was looking at?  Who in god’s name will watch a family destroy itself in innocence and not say or speak to bring truth into the light.

To be continued… 

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.

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Shine continues to work in the light though besieged by lies! .9.


Shine did as she had promised herself and entered the floral art contest and won once again – being grand champion for the second time!  Shine was proud of herself because she had not fallen ‘into the dark’ and lowered her highly ethical standards that she had maintained for her entire life. 

‘The negative darkness that is filled with psychopaths and their minions will not win’ thought Shine, ‘and even though they line my path with stumbling blocks and evil obstacles I will not give in and I will rise above the mire!’  The likes of Shrew and her psychopathic daughter Bozonarciss cannot truly harm those that work in the light!

Not long after Shine had moved into her new abode, another brother (James) rang her and asked for his book back.  Shine said to him ‘what do you mean for I have not borrowed a book from you?  ‘Yes’ he replied, ‘I know, but Shrew’s husband had, and he told me that he had taken the book to your house and left it there for me!’ Another outrageous bloody lie!  One designed to totally stuff the family relationships.  And how disappointing, for Shrew’s husband had taken on the culture of the psychopath!  Once again Shine was asking herself ‘ how low can these psychopaths sink? ‘ There are obviously no limits to their evil machinations.

Shine asked her brother James about the book and the circumstances surrounding the borrowing of such.  The book it turned out, was Exodus by Leon Uris and Shrew’s husband had seen it at James’ place and borrowed it.  James had been trying to get the book returned to him for many many months without success.  He was becoming frustrated and angry over this incident and demanded the book be returned.  Shrew’s husband, (now remember this is James’ elder brother) told him that he had returned the book to Shine.  He even went as far as to say that he had left the book on the end of the dining table and told Shine that it was James’ book and she should return it to him!  Absolutely untrue and BS.

Shine then had to console her brother James and told him that it was a lie, that Shrew’s husband had not done such a thing and if he had, the book would still be on the table awaiting James’ next visit.  Shine then continued to tell James about her own incident with Shrew and the floral art books, and how they had disappeared with a lot more value attached to them and the loss of friendship it entailed.  James was horrified at the tale and came to realise that it was the same ‘modus operandi’ that Shrew and her spouse were using with both siblings.  Shine was very much relieved for she did not want to lose the love of her brother or damage their relationship but it was a close call, such is the malevolence of the psychopath.  Shine and her brother James came to realise that this was another ploy to destroy the family and knew who was masterminding the puppet strings.

So they both decided that they would not fall for the ‘tricks’ that Shrew was trying to engineer because to do so, was to walk in the shadow, the path of darkness.  Neither would they react in the way that Shrew wanted them to for that would give her power.  This they would never do because these ‘two old souls’ were much wiser and had been working in the light for a very long time!  They knew the truth and there is only one truth!  And the light can be seen within it!  So be assured that neither Shrew or her husband or Bozonarciss for that matter were ever allowed to borrow anything again. 

 Because they could not borrow they would resort to stealing and Shrew’s husband stole many and valuable things from the family home.  And always there were wicked lies and blame laid at the feet of the innocent!

To be continued

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.  This work belongs to the author.


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The disappearing books. 8.

After considering the previous events Shine knew that it was absolutely useless to confront either Shrew or Bozonarciss, for the incident and the reactions of Shrew and her daughter Bozonarciss told Shine that no accountability or responsibility would be taken.  Shine was dealing with psychopaths here and they were not going to admit any wrong doing for that would disempower both of them.  They would never admit guilt for that would cause the psychopath to take an inward journey and to look at themselves and become self-aware of their deceit and malicious nature!  Psychopaths build labyrinths around their mental processes that enables them to put the blame on others.  In this way they believe that they are innocent and without fault.  They are very good at playing the ‘victim’ also.

So it was not too long after this incident that Shine found herself going through a separation with her husband and Shine knew that she would soon have to move to cheaper accommodation as finances had now become an issue for Shine.  During this traumatic time for Shine, Shrew would visit and offer her ‘opinionated advice’ to Shine as to how to resolve these issues.  Shrew’s advice was always underhanded with ulterior motives and full of deceit and Shine would always refuse to follow the psychopaths ‘grand words of wisdom’.

Shine wanted to be able to sleep at night and to be able to say to herself that she was not a nasty deceitful individual who was only interested in getting her own way.  She was not a hypocrite and would not lower her ethical standards so she could control others.  Shine knew she had her own inner power and did not need to climb up over anyone to get what she wanted.  Shine had much more loftier ideals within her own psyche and knew that she was part of the earth and universe and it would provide.  Shine also knew that ‘what goes around, comes around’.  Karma!  That price that all of humanity pays for its wrong doings.  Sooner or later one will become accountable for these misdeeds and when they happen for no seeming reason, people then ask “Oh, why me?”  They rarely realise that karma does not work in the way they think it should.  It is not ‘kind for kind’ or ”like events for like events’!  There are many paths to learning a particular lesson and many differing events that can produce a particular lesson.

So Shine had to move residence with all that entails.  The packing of boxes, the organisation of utilities, the cleaning and the remembering of endless detail that goes with moving house and add to this the lack of sleep also.  And so it was on the day before the last day in that home, Shine had all her books to pack.  Shine had many of them for she was an avid reader and a lover of knowledge, for those of you who know, it brings with it, its own wealth of power and for those who do not know, it is a way to empower oneself.  Shine had a collection of hard cover floral art books and at that time had a value of over two hundred dollars and in today’s market you would have to spend a thousand dollars to acquire such a collection.  Shine had meticulously packed them in a wicker hamper basket and they were sitting in the middle of the almost empty dining room, as they were for Shine a treasure trove.

Well, lo and behold into this scene arrives yes, you guessed it, Shrew the psychopath!. One of   Shine’s sister’s was also present as she was helping with the move and shortly thereafter another friend of Shines arrived.  She inquired as to whether Shine needed any help and a short conversation followed.  Shine’s attention during this conversation was alerted to the dining room as her inner radar was warning that dark energy was stirring and Shrew was up to no good.  Shine noticed that Shrew was leaning over the wicker hamper and intently staring into it and the contents thereof.  Shine could see a particular look on Shrew’s face and knew that she wanted the floral art books.  For, you see, that whatever craft that Shine undertook, Shrew would always do the same,  Whether it was painting, macrame’, golf or floral art, it did not matter.  What mattered to Shrew was the power contest, the control of the other and the stealing of knowledge, the picking of the other’s brain.  Shrew wanted to be better than Shine (who was gifted with natural ability and learned very easily) so that she could feel powerful!

Shine was in the middle of this conversation with her friend when suddenly there was Shrew standing beside her interrupting the conversation with a request to borrow the floral art books.  This was a deliberate and calculating move, for Shrew knew that it would be awkward and embarrassing for Shine to refuse the use of the books in front of her friend.  It would take an inconvenient explanation for the refusal and Shine would look mean and petty if she did so.  Shine knew instantly what was going on here and wanted to refuse, but once again the psychopath had set it up so that Shine would take the blame for being petty and mean-spirited.  Unwillingly, Shine consented with a bitter taste in her mouth, but believed she had a witness to the event, for she doubted she would ever see those books again.  It would once again be a disappearance act.  The disappearing books!

Shine hopefully believed that should her property not be returned to her at least there were two witnesses who could testify otherwise.  Shrew took the books out of the wicker hamper and immediately left with her ill-gotten gains and offered no help with the move.  The actions of such a good Christian!!!  This once again proved to Shine that Shrew did not come to help but had come to destroy!  She set it up, manipulated the scene to get what she wanted and left. Just like that!  Shrew had acted in the same way that Bozonarciss had with Shine’s daughter and there was little difference between the two, except for age.  Psychopath and the daughter apprentice Bozonarciss!  Shine’s friend left shortly thereafter and Shine and her sister continued with the work of moving house.  Shine’s brother arrived not long after to help with the moving and Shine mentioned to him that his wife Shrew had turned up, had not helped with the move but had borrowed her floral art books.  He made no comment and the conversation was dropped.  Shine had been hoping for another witness testimony – she never got it!

The move of house was completed and two months later Shine asked her brother to ask Shrew to return her books.  Shine was entered into a floral art competition at one of the major shows and as she had won at these major agricultural shows before (grand champion) she wanted her books back for some inspirational ideas.  Shine had very high standards with regard to her own art and wanted to maintain the status quo.  So Shine asked herself, did Shrew do this deliberately? so Shine could not win again?  Shrew had competed with Shine in the floral art arena but had never subjected her work for judging.  But Shine had and she had won first prize and had  been judged grand champion.  Shrew of course would never do this, for she could not take the criticism or the possible failure and that would mean she would lose her self elevated egoistic power.

Shine’s brother returned a few days later and bald faced told her a monumental lie.  He went along with his psychopathic wife – even after being told she had taken them! The lie: “No, Shrew had not taken them, the friend that Shine had there at the time had taken the books”!  Shine’s jaw hit the table she was sitting at and could not believe here ears!.  My God, what a betrayal!  Shine then knew for sure that Shrew had set it up deliberately and what is more, Shrew was blaming a totally innocent person that she did not even know for this crime.  How low can one get thought Shine to herself.  Unfortunately she was related to these people and her closest brother was going along with the deceit, lies and theft!  Shine was wounded beyond measure and her brother became so insistent that Shine had it all wrong she started to question and doubt herself.  How insidious are the evil machinations of the psychopaths and their minions?  Emotional pain erupted in Shine’s mind and body and a whirling disorientation that defied belief settled in her heart and the pit of her stomach.  Shine knew beyond doubt the books were gone and she would have to buy more even though she was unable to afford it. Some would not be able to be replaced as they were out of print – a treasure indeed lost! 

 A few days later Shine went and confronted Shrew over the books in her home and received the same lie.  Shrew even told Shine that she could check the book case for she did not have them.  Shine did so and the books were not there.  There was one of the books in the shelf that was the same as Shine’s and was still in print and Shrew claimed she had bought it.  Shrew ever so nicely then said, “But if you want it you can have it, I don’t need it any more and I can see your upset over the loss of your books”.  What bitter gall came into the mouth of Shine at this statement and Shine knew beyond doubt that she was in the presence of true evil!  She refused the book as that would give the psychopath another minor victory and she left Shrew and her brother’s home.

Shine resolved within herself that she was not the one that was wrong and she rang her sister for comfort and to confirm the truth of her story.  Shine’s sister was irate and wanted to do harm to Shrew but did put Shine’s mind to rest. Yes, Shrew had borrowed the books.  But to make doubly sure Shine went and visited her friend and asked her if she had borrowed the books.  Shine’s friend reacted very indignantly over the question stating that “It was Shrew who took the books and how could you think such things of me?”  Shine tried her hardest to explain that she knew her friend had not taken the books for she had no interest in floral art, but that Shrew and her brother had been so convincing that Shine had doubted herself.  Shine’s friend was very angry with her and was reluctant to forgive her, for she had thought better of Shine, but accepted the story and Shine could see that she had let her friend down and unwittingly had betrayed their friendship.  This relationship would soon come to an end for the psychopath had done her work in this area also.  The attack was twofold.  Destroy Shine’s chances of winning another competition, and destroy another friendship that Shrew had no control over!

Shine was mortified and grief-stricken and could not console herself at the loss of a friend.  But Shine thought she could do some thing about the competition.  She would still enter and she would work hard to win, for Shine knew that if she won that would really get up Shrew’s nose, for Shrew was full of psychopathic jealousy and resentment.  ‘There is more than one way to skin a cat!’

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.

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The cream splattered bush.7.

A number of years had passed and Shine’s daughter had entered school and was doing very well, her grades were excellent and she appeared to be thriving.  Bozonarciss was also at a different school and seemed to be working quite well also, but her grades were not as good as her younger cousin.  Bozonarciss and her mother Shrew would occasionally come and call on Shine and her family and information would been exchanged during these visits and Shrew would always inquire as to the family gossip.  Shine’s brother was a regular visitor to her home at least once a fortnight, more often every week as he and Shine were very close and in these visits he would catch up with the family news and events that were happening.   Shrew would never allow Shine’s brother to attend his family’s christmas dinner, New Year gatherings or social functions and for 24 years he never saw his family at Christmas.  So for all that time his own mother and father were deprived of his company at this most important time of year!  A time of holiday, family and cheer with good will.  There was always a touch of sadness and regret at Christmas for he was always missing!   Shrew was such a good christian with good will to all men, NOT!  

Such was the control of the psychopath but Shrew would always turn up out of the blue and Shine always knew that Shrew was seeking information or up to no good! Shrew was driven by ulterior motives and none could be trusted – such is the psychopath!  Shrew would always lie about what was happening and then Shine would later find out that Shrew had made a surprise visit to Shine’s parents (Shrew always neglected to pass this information to Shine) and they also would wonder what the motive was.  For they also did not trust Shrew and could not forgive her neglect and abuse of their grand-daughter.  Psychopaths do not like rules and therefore will always break them in malicious and devious ways.  They know what to say to people and can come across as caring and sympathetic, but they are hollow empty words with no caring emotion behind them.  They learn early how to appease people but do not develop a conscience (Freud’s super-ego) like normal people do.  Shine’s family had learnt this the hard way and had many psychological scars to prove it!

Shine had decided to redecorate her daughter’s room as she was now old enough to appreciate it and because her grades and behaviour were so good at school, it would also be a reward.  Shine had been told by her daughter’s teacher that her daughter was an absolute pleasure to teach. Shine was so proud of her! as she was all of her three children for the same comments had been made by all their teachers!  She asked her daughter what colour she would like her room painted and yes you guessed it, pink, like most little girls.  So Shine bought the paint and also wall paper for a feature wall, curtain material to make new curtains, new bed and bedspreads also.  Shine’s brother also volunteered to give her Bozonarciss’s old dressing table which was gracefully accepted, as it had been sitting in the garage unused.  So Shine repainted the dressing table in white gloss as the trims and skirting boards and window frame of the room had been painted white and it matched beautifully.  Shine’s daughter loved the room and Shine was proud of her work when the room was finally finished.

Shine’s sisters would regularly come and visit her and they too became involved with the redecorating of the room.  The carpet in the room was a rich red and they helped Shine shampoo and clean the carpet and when the job was finished they marvelled at how well the colour scheme came together ; with the pink pearlised wallpaper as the feature wall.  Pink, red and white, it was truly a lovely little room fit for a little princess! 

Shine’s daughter might have been intellectually bright but she was not particularly fond of keeping the room in an orderly condition, which was a pity as a lot of time, effort and money had been invested in the room.  So one of Shine’s sisters came up with an idea.  She would buy some expensive things to sit on the dressing table and some luxury items that would hopefully motivate Shine’s daughter into keeping the room tidy.  These nice items would look lovely and enhance the prettiness of the room.  One item in particular was a beauty set of perfume, body cream and talc, with a rose scent and it too was coloured pink to match with the rest of the room.  It sat proudly on the dressing table and Shine’s daughter was so taken with it she kept the room tidy.  She would not use the creams as she did not want to spoil the look of the packaging and the ‘oh so pretty’ effect. So it had never been opened since it was first bought!

On one particular day Shrew and Bozonarciss came to visit and see the finished room.  It struck Shine as odd that they should have such interest in the room as Shrew would always infer that she was better than Shine and so such things were beneath Shrew.  Shrew also always inferred that Bozonarciss was better than Shine’s daughter, (Shine’s brother also played this pernicious game, was this the influence of Shrew?) particularly with regards to school.  When it got too much for her, Shine at these times would insist on comparison’s of school reports when they were due at mid year and end of year, and invariably Shine’s daughter’s were straight A’s, Bozonarciss’s were not.  The argument would be put to rest for a while but when Shine would proudly brag of her daughter’s academic achievements, it would always arise again – Bozonarciss was more clever.  This coming from a contol freak who neglected her daughter, did not genuinely care!  Shine would secretly think to herself, yes more clever at deceit and manipulation was the budding psychopath!

So anyway, on this day after checking out the newly decorated room, Shine offered Shrew a cup of tea and they both retreated to the dining room leaving the two girls to play together.  Bozonarciss was ten years old at this time and her younger cousin was still nine as there were five months between them.  After some time Shine noticed that her daughter was present in the lounge room and Bozonarciss was missing.  She asked where Bozonarciss was (Shine had learnt that Bozonarciss was likely up to no good, months of caring for her had confirmed this) and her daughter did not know, but was petulant.  Shine noted this and thought it strange but it would keep for later because her gut instinct was telling her that mischief was afoot!  So Shine searched the house and as she approached her daughters bedroom she found Bozonarciss coming quickly out of the room rubbing her hands together as if something was on them and she wanted it off them!

“What were you doing?’ asked Shine of Bozonarciss. “Nothing!” she snarkly replied, with her little face red and that puckered little mouth snarled together like some anal sphincter.  She shot past Shine hurriedly and headed for her mother and the dining room and Shine knew deeply within herself that Bozonarciss had been doing damage within the room!  She took a glance around her daughter’s room and could not outwardly see anything amiss.  But Shine knew!  Something was wrong here and she would get to the bottom of it.  Shine returned to the dining room and informed Shrew that her daughter Bozonarciss had been in the room and denied any wrongdoing.  This brought a response that Shine did not expect.  Shine expected Shrew to question her daughter as to what she was doing in the room by herself, but no, what happened was that Shrew immediately got up and said they were leaving!  Shine was shocked to say the least and chidingly thought to herself, ‘you should have known better than to expect honesty and decency from either of them!’

So Shine went to see her daughter to find out what had happened.   It turned out that Bozonarciss had upset her daughter by calling her names and causing a fight so that Shine’s daughter left her own bedroom and that gave Bozonarciss the time to do what damage she could.  So shine asked her daughter to go and check her room for Shine knew deep within that dark mischief had been done.  Shine’s daughter did as asked and a few moments later there came to Shine’s ears and wail and then crying.  Shine quickly ran to her daughter’s room and found her daughter crying and holding the beauty set that had been on the dressing table.  It had been torn open and the rose cream bottle was half empty with the contents gone.  Bozonarciss had been doing her work!

A search was then conducted and the missing contents could not be found.  The bathroom sink was checked – nothing there.  The whole house was searched and still nothing could be found!  Whilst in her daughter’s room Shine noticed that the window was open and asked her daughter had she opened the window. Her daughter had no recollection of doing so and so Shine proceeded to go outside and investigate.  And what did Shine find outside her daughter’s window?  A cream splattered bush!  A bush that was growing beneath the window.  It’s shiny green leaves splattered with pink rose scented cream all over it!  Bozonarciss, jealous little psychopath that she was, had caused the fight with Shine’s daughter in order to get her to leave the room, then once she was alone, had opened the beauty set and the window and was emptying the contents out the window.

Obviously, when Bozonarciss heard Shine calling and looking for her, she quickly put the set back on the dressing table, for she was nearly busted and this is why she was rubbing her hands and was red-faced when Shine found her in the doorway of her daughter’s room.  She was rubbing the cream off her hands trying to destroy the evidence of her crime!  Shine was livid and thought to herself what a nasty jealous and deceitful little cur Bozonarciss was.  What a disgusting thing to do out of  jealousy and resentment to your cousin.  How malicious Bozonarciss was to set it up with a fight so she then could do what damage she could whilst she had the time.  It would be like an adult going to another’s home and seeing artwork they resented the other having and so they would destroy it, because they could not have it.  Lord knows what other damage she would have done, had not Shine intuitively known that some thing was amiss? 

What was Shine to do about this?  Confront Shrew and Bozonarciss? Would it do any good or would there just be the usual denial?  “It had been so close,’ Shine thought to herself.  “I nearly busted her red-handed! ‘(pun intended)  for that was what was required in order to prove that Shine was right.  “Had Shrew deliberately brought Bozonarciss over to Shine’s home in order for Bozonarciss to do her dirty work?’  Was Bozonarciss the apprentice of Shrew?  Shine mulled over these thoughts and asked herself, how deep did the deception go? whilst she comforted her daughter and promised to replace the damaged goods.  One thing was for sure and that was the same behaviour, over and over again.  The set up, manipulating for time and position, the destruction of the money, property, the dolls and now the cream.  Some consideration was needed.

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.

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The employment of Shrew demises.6.

Shine is confronted with another turn of events as Shrew pulls another of her psychopathic ploys.

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The employment of Shrew demises. 6.

As the days went by Shine faithfully kept trying to instil in Bozonarciss a sense of morality and appropriate behaviour. Shine spent many hours with Bozonarciss and her younger cousin educating them but every time that Shine thought that she was becoming more successful at doing so, in the quiet times, Bozonarciss would again be found in the boy’s room or encouraging her younger cousin to commit offenses and get blamed for them.  Just when Shine felt that she was at the end of her tether and was giving up any hope of Bozonarciss losing her budding psychopathic ways, her brother shocked her one day.  He announced that Shine would no longer be looking after or caring for Bozonarciss as Shrew had decided she was giving up working.

Shine was shocked at this revelation for Shrew had only been at work for just over seven months and this was supposed to be a permanent job.  Finances had been an issue and now Shrew was giving up the only job she had had since getting married.  Shine wondered to herself what was behind the manipulations of Shrew.  Was it that her manipulative ways had been discovered at work?  Had Shrew deliberately done so in order to stop working?  Of course, it would have been everyone else’s fault and Shrew could easily say so without any proof.  Psychopaths are very good at setting others up for a fall into disgrace!  Did Shrew resent the loss of control over her husband and particularly Bozonarciss?  What was really going on here? Shine wondered, perhaps Shrew is too bloody lazy and refused to contribute!  Something was obviously amiss and where Shrew was involved there was always an ulterior motive.   Shine knew that nothing was ever that simple if Shrew was involved, period!

Shine kept these thoughts to herself as her brother was putting on Bozonarciss’ pajammas before going home for the evening.  It was obvious to Shine as she watched him do this and Bozonarciss’ reaction to him, that he was the main care giver of the child at home and he was getting little support from Shrew at home.  So Shine thought, how much care is Bozonarciss going to get now as after all, let us face it, Shrew’s care of Bozonarciss had not been exemplary up until this point in time and more ‘hunger strikes’ were not out of the question where they?  Was it likely that the child could revert to not eating? again  and was she prepared enough for school?  One could go on…  there was enough evidence to support any of the suppositions!

Shine’s brother was very regretful at these turn of events and he told Shine so, for he said, he could see the difference in Bozonarciss.  She was better behaved at home and she was now eating regular meals thanks to Shine.  Bozonarciss had gained weight and was more outgoing, she did not sit on the lounge and bang her head as much any more and it was becoming less and less each day whilst she was at home.  Bozonarciss was of course not permitted to do this at Shine’s place.  Shine gracefully accepted the compliments from her brother, thanked him and could see that he also was disturbed by this latest turn of events.  Shine asked her brother how they were going to cope with the lack of finances in the house again, as they would be back to ‘stuggle street’ and interest rates were rapidly rising, mortgage payments increasing along with food and other living expenses.

Shine’s brother had no answer to this question and it would not be too long before Shine, who was not well off herself, would be giving her brother money and taking boxes of groceries over to her brothers home, because things had become so dire.  The interesting thing was that Shrew never acknowledged these good deeds by Shine and still continued to vilify Shine and her family.  Shrew never thanked Shine for this provenance or the care that Shine was showing to her or her child and husband.  It made Shine angry at this reaction but Shine had stated to others that she would do it again if necessary, for she loved her brother and niece and would never on any occasion lower herself to the status of Shrew.  Shine could sleep at night, for her conscience did not bother her and although Shrew professed christian values, she did not live by them.  Shine on the other hand, who did not profess christian values, did live by them and had more ‘christianity in her little finger’ than Shrew would ever possess in the whole of her body!

And so it was, within a matter of two weeks that Bozonarciss left the care of Shine, with Bozonarciss sneering up at Shine with that little mouth puckered in that little ugly sneer she had acquired at such an early age, as she walked out the front door. Defiance etched permanently on those small features, the little legs strutting at a funny angle because of the bony little knees and pigeon feet.  Bozonarciss would never out grow those awkward legs as the damage had already been done because of the lack of calcium/ nutrition.  Bozonarciss had also acquired a rather loud and raucous burp as the result of too much hydrochloric acid in the stomach from a lack of food at such an early age.  She would burp outrageously and loudly after eating, some found it embarrassing and still do.  So it was an end in one stage and a beginning in another, such is life.  One door closing and another opening.

 But Shine at least was able to feel that she had contributed to trying to steer the moral compass of Bozonarciss in a straighter line;  and  Bozonarciss was better prepared for school now than when she had been given over into Shine’s care!  So something had been achieved and Shine had been able to help her older brother and by doing so had helped to make the world a better place.  Shine believed she had made a difference and if all of humanity had this attitude of caring, the world indeed would be a much happier place in which to exist.  Shine thought to herself it sounds utopian but it is possible! Shine also knew that there were lessons to learn in the pain that humanity suffers, and it is needed for the soul to evolve, because who learns from happiness? But there is also the unnecessary pain that is caused by the likes of Shrew and her psychopathic ilk!  Pain that does damage and destroys lives, that serves no purpose other than to put others down and make the psychopath feel powerful and in control!

On her last day in Shine’s care little Bozonarciss was showing no regret or sadness but her younger cousin was.  She was sad and deeply so for she was losing a playmate and would be alone now again during the day.  But Shine reminded her that school was now only a couple of months away and she would make many friends at school and would soon forget this sadness.  Shine wanted to say to her and think about all the toys that won’t get broken, and all the times you won’t get into trouble because of Bozonarciss, and the freedom you will have instead of having to do what Bozonarciss wants.  You can play your own games and not Bozonarciss’.  Shine so dearly wanted to say such things but she would not burden her daughter with such thoughts for she wanted her to be care free and to enjoy her child hood, for no doubt she had already suffered at the hands of the budding psychopath Bozonarciss

Shine thought to herself, perhaps she is already scarred, only time would tell but she would not mention it now and perhaps with time her daughter would forget.  But in the meantime peace and order could be re installed in her life and she could gain some measure of happiness and security before entering the turbulent times of the school era, in a young persons life.  Peer pressure would soon raise its ugly head and there would be other budding psychopaths to deal with, who would bully and coerce and try to force control on their young peers.  So Shine left these disturbing thoughts in her own unsettled mind, comforted her daughter reassuring her with positive notions and continued on with the house work and the never-ending chores of parent hood.

There would be other days and other times for the telling of these tales and they would be better understood by a more mature mind.  They could be analysed and sorted through and broader understanding brought to bear on a mind that was inclined to investigate them.  They  would perhaps draw answers and serve as lessons for those who were searching for some insight into their future behaviours.  Shine mused over these ideas as she dragged the vacuum cleaner from its closet and knew that the actions and consequences of Bozonarciss were a long way from being over and the not too distant future would bring more damaging trouble for Shine’s family!

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.

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