About Marie

Marie is a light worker, who works for the benefit of all humanity, by shining light into dark places.  Marie would like to reconnect people to their spirituality as opposed to religion for they are not the same thing.  Religion has been a very destructive force in our world and has blinded us to our ‘true spirituality’, which in essence is the light that unites us all. Spirituality encompasses all creeds, cultures and credo’s. Realise the light is within you!

Marie would like all people to be aware that we are one small planet, one race – humans – in an infinite universe and we came here to learn and evolve.  Humanity is at a crisis point at this time and we need to come together in truth, love and light!  Humanity must grow up, mature and fulfill our destiny instead of destroying ourselves.  We are at the crossroads!  LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL!

“What I know will fill a book, what I do not know fills the universe!”


One response to “About Marie

  1. mbullock

    The first of many truths being brought to light!

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