The underhanded familial thief. 10.

Shine felt for her brother and she really had to convince him of the theft and on his next visit he checked Shine’s bookcase thoroughly. Which is the result of being manipulated by the psychopath.  Shine felt defensive (unconsciously on the defensive and starting to question herself).  Shine realised she was doing it again and reminded herself about her own disappearing books and did not blame her brother James and in this way she was able to validate her own feelings of loss anger and regret.  A new kindred feeling opened between her brother and herself.  The attacks of such psychopaths and manipulators are designed to confuse and dis-empower their victims.

The perpetrator gets a person to doubt their own ‘gut feelings’ or ‘instincts’ and then argue to themselves about whether they are being abused or taken advantage of.  And whilst Shine was doing this she was becoming more defensive as there is no ‘hard core proof’ and therefore doubt is being cast as to who the real perpetrator was or is.  It was hard for Shine to think clearly and act rationally when you were always “emotionally on the run” so to speak.  But being in the ‘presence of mind’ or ‘mindful’ helped Shine to regain some balance.

Jame’s book was never found and he did believe Shine for he knew she had owned many floral art books and they too were gone.  In the years to follow, James and Shine would exchange many books and they were always returned.  So it would take years for concrete proof to be established but at that time it was a ‘tenuous trust’.  Further  proof would also be forthcoming in the months and years ahead as money, expensive tools and equipment would disappear from the family home.

We move to a scene in the dining room of the family home.  James had an interest in Super 8 home movies at that time as there was no such thing as video.  An argument errupts after dinner,  over the disappearance of the Super 8 movie projector and movies between James and two of his sibling sisters Tish and Trease.  Many family home movies had been made with this equipment and they were priceless memories of weddings and family gatherings and also of those who had died and were no longer in the family. Simply irreplaceable!  The  movie gear had become old and was rarely used but had become a family heirloom if you will with its priceless memories and was in storage in the shed.  It had disappeared from the shed and no one could pinpoint when and at what time it had done so!

Shine, who was visiting her father, had wanted to view her wedding movie along with her long time girlfriend who was at her wedding and so was at the familial home looking for the said projector.  It was no-where to be found.  Tish and Trease had borrowed it for viewing and said they had returned it to the home and this was whilst James was travelling. Father had confirmed this.  So the argument ensued with James, Tish and Trease blaming each other for the loss and it became a heated argument indeed with swearing, shouting, verbal abuse and the breaking of family relationships.  The argument lasted for hours, devastated the family and the two younger siblings were blamed with the misdeed and were never really forgiven for it! And this lasted for many years!

Over the years there had been many family gatherings and visits back to the familial home as is normal, but this allowed the psychopath Shrew, her husband (Bozonarciss’ father) to come and go whilst doing their evil deeds and laying mayhem, hurt and pain in the family home.  So manipulative and sneaky were they that no witnesses ever saw the dirty deeds, just found the objects missing and blame a plenty for those who were left behind. So destructive were these episodes no family member ever fully recovered from the hurt and blame laid at the feet of innocents.

So Shine at that time did not get to see or reminisce over the wedding movie and was deeply hurt by the events that had engulfed the family in a feud and split it in half.  More pain dished out by manipulators.  It was many years later when Bozonarciss’ father – Shine’s brother was dying of cancer that it came to light that he and Shrew had ‘stolen’ the projector and all the family films!  The whole lot!  Shine who will always work on the side of light was looking after her thieving brother whilst he was dying. As a side bar, no confessions were ever made by him, not even on his deathbed.  So Shine was cleaning the bedroom and opened the closet and lo and behold, there in the back of the cupboard was the projector and all the films with her brother James’ labelling and writing on the tin canisters.

“My God” Shine exploded, pulling the containers from the closet, putting them on the bed and confronting her brother in his wheelchair.     “You bastard”! “You had these all the time whilst the family was fighting and destroying itself and you never owned up the truth”! Shine was flabbergasted as she faced her brother and there was this smug sneer on his face.  No remorse, no guilt, no regret, just this smug sneer.  Shine was so angry she could have hit him.  No words or thoughts could penetrate the blind anger she was feeling and who was this person she was looking at?  Who in god’s name will watch a family destroy itself in innocence and not say or speak to bring truth into the light.

To be continued… 

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.


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