Shine continues to work in the light though besieged by lies! .9.


Shine did as she had promised herself and entered the floral art contest and won once again – being grand champion for the second time!  Shine was proud of herself because she had not fallen ‘into the dark’ and lowered her highly ethical standards that she had maintained for her entire life. 

‘The negative darkness that is filled with psychopaths and their minions will not win’ thought Shine, ‘and even though they line my path with stumbling blocks and evil obstacles I will not give in and I will rise above the mire!’  The likes of Shrew and her psychopathic daughter Bozonarciss cannot truly harm those that work in the light!

Not long after Shine had moved into her new abode, another brother (James) rang her and asked for his book back.  Shine said to him ‘what do you mean for I have not borrowed a book from you?  ‘Yes’ he replied, ‘I know, but Shrew’s husband had, and he told me that he had taken the book to your house and left it there for me!’ Another outrageous bloody lie!  One designed to totally stuff the family relationships.  And how disappointing, for Shrew’s husband had taken on the culture of the psychopath!  Once again Shine was asking herself ‘ how low can these psychopaths sink? ‘ There are obviously no limits to their evil machinations.

Shine asked her brother James about the book and the circumstances surrounding the borrowing of such.  The book it turned out, was Exodus by Leon Uris and Shrew’s husband had seen it at James’ place and borrowed it.  James had been trying to get the book returned to him for many many months without success.  He was becoming frustrated and angry over this incident and demanded the book be returned.  Shrew’s husband, (now remember this is James’ elder brother) told him that he had returned the book to Shine.  He even went as far as to say that he had left the book on the end of the dining table and told Shine that it was James’ book and she should return it to him!  Absolutely untrue and BS.

Shine then had to console her brother James and told him that it was a lie, that Shrew’s husband had not done such a thing and if he had, the book would still be on the table awaiting James’ next visit.  Shine then continued to tell James about her own incident with Shrew and the floral art books, and how they had disappeared with a lot more value attached to them and the loss of friendship it entailed.  James was horrified at the tale and came to realise that it was the same ‘modus operandi’ that Shrew and her spouse were using with both siblings.  Shine was very much relieved for she did not want to lose the love of her brother or damage their relationship but it was a close call, such is the malevolence of the psychopath.  Shine and her brother James came to realise that this was another ploy to destroy the family and knew who was masterminding the puppet strings.

So they both decided that they would not fall for the ‘tricks’ that Shrew was trying to engineer because to do so, was to walk in the shadow, the path of darkness.  Neither would they react in the way that Shrew wanted them to for that would give her power.  This they would never do because these ‘two old souls’ were much wiser and had been working in the light for a very long time!  They knew the truth and there is only one truth!  And the light can be seen within it!  So be assured that neither Shrew or her husband or Bozonarciss for that matter were ever allowed to borrow anything again. 

 Because they could not borrow they would resort to stealing and Shrew’s husband stole many and valuable things from the family home.  And always there were wicked lies and blame laid at the feet of the innocent!

To be continued

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.  This work belongs to the author.



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3 responses to “Shine continues to work in the light though besieged by lies! .9.

  1. The work continues and so does the light!

  2. More covert aggressive behavior from another character disordered person. Good description of how the process works. I’ll continue to follow.

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