The disappearing books. 8.

After considering the previous events Shine knew that it was absolutely useless to confront either Shrew or Bozonarciss, for the incident and the reactions of Shrew and her daughter Bozonarciss told Shine that no accountability or responsibility would be taken.  Shine was dealing with psychopaths here and they were not going to admit any wrong doing for that would disempower both of them.  They would never admit guilt for that would cause the psychopath to take an inward journey and to look at themselves and become self-aware of their deceit and malicious nature!  Psychopaths build labyrinths around their mental processes that enables them to put the blame on others.  In this way they believe that they are innocent and without fault.  They are very good at playing the ‘victim’ also.

So it was not too long after this incident that Shine found herself going through a separation with her husband and Shine knew that she would soon have to move to cheaper accommodation as finances had now become an issue for Shine.  During this traumatic time for Shine, Shrew would visit and offer her ‘opinionated advice’ to Shine as to how to resolve these issues.  Shrew’s advice was always underhanded with ulterior motives and full of deceit and Shine would always refuse to follow the psychopaths ‘grand words of wisdom’.

Shine wanted to be able to sleep at night and to be able to say to herself that she was not a nasty deceitful individual who was only interested in getting her own way.  She was not a hypocrite and would not lower her ethical standards so she could control others.  Shine knew she had her own inner power and did not need to climb up over anyone to get what she wanted.  Shine had much more loftier ideals within her own psyche and knew that she was part of the earth and universe and it would provide.  Shine also knew that ‘what goes around, comes around’.  Karma!  That price that all of humanity pays for its wrong doings.  Sooner or later one will become accountable for these misdeeds and when they happen for no seeming reason, people then ask “Oh, why me?”  They rarely realise that karma does not work in the way they think it should.  It is not ‘kind for kind’ or ”like events for like events’!  There are many paths to learning a particular lesson and many differing events that can produce a particular lesson.

So Shine had to move residence with all that entails.  The packing of boxes, the organisation of utilities, the cleaning and the remembering of endless detail that goes with moving house and add to this the lack of sleep also.  And so it was on the day before the last day in that home, Shine had all her books to pack.  Shine had many of them for she was an avid reader and a lover of knowledge, for those of you who know, it brings with it, its own wealth of power and for those who do not know, it is a way to empower oneself.  Shine had a collection of hard cover floral art books and at that time had a value of over two hundred dollars and in today’s market you would have to spend a thousand dollars to acquire such a collection.  Shine had meticulously packed them in a wicker hamper basket and they were sitting in the middle of the almost empty dining room, as they were for Shine a treasure trove.

Well, lo and behold into this scene arrives yes, you guessed it, Shrew the psychopath!. One of   Shine’s sister’s was also present as she was helping with the move and shortly thereafter another friend of Shines arrived.  She inquired as to whether Shine needed any help and a short conversation followed.  Shine’s attention during this conversation was alerted to the dining room as her inner radar was warning that dark energy was stirring and Shrew was up to no good.  Shine noticed that Shrew was leaning over the wicker hamper and intently staring into it and the contents thereof.  Shine could see a particular look on Shrew’s face and knew that she wanted the floral art books.  For, you see, that whatever craft that Shine undertook, Shrew would always do the same,  Whether it was painting, macrame’, golf or floral art, it did not matter.  What mattered to Shrew was the power contest, the control of the other and the stealing of knowledge, the picking of the other’s brain.  Shrew wanted to be better than Shine (who was gifted with natural ability and learned very easily) so that she could feel powerful!

Shine was in the middle of this conversation with her friend when suddenly there was Shrew standing beside her interrupting the conversation with a request to borrow the floral art books.  This was a deliberate and calculating move, for Shrew knew that it would be awkward and embarrassing for Shine to refuse the use of the books in front of her friend.  It would take an inconvenient explanation for the refusal and Shine would look mean and petty if she did so.  Shine knew instantly what was going on here and wanted to refuse, but once again the psychopath had set it up so that Shine would take the blame for being petty and mean-spirited.  Unwillingly, Shine consented with a bitter taste in her mouth, but believed she had a witness to the event, for she doubted she would ever see those books again.  It would once again be a disappearance act.  The disappearing books!

Shine hopefully believed that should her property not be returned to her at least there were two witnesses who could testify otherwise.  Shrew took the books out of the wicker hamper and immediately left with her ill-gotten gains and offered no help with the move.  The actions of such a good Christian!!!  This once again proved to Shine that Shrew did not come to help but had come to destroy!  She set it up, manipulated the scene to get what she wanted and left. Just like that!  Shrew had acted in the same way that Bozonarciss had with Shine’s daughter and there was little difference between the two, except for age.  Psychopath and the daughter apprentice Bozonarciss!  Shine’s friend left shortly thereafter and Shine and her sister continued with the work of moving house.  Shine’s brother arrived not long after to help with the moving and Shine mentioned to him that his wife Shrew had turned up, had not helped with the move but had borrowed her floral art books.  He made no comment and the conversation was dropped.  Shine had been hoping for another witness testimony – she never got it!

The move of house was completed and two months later Shine asked her brother to ask Shrew to return her books.  Shine was entered into a floral art competition at one of the major shows and as she had won at these major agricultural shows before (grand champion) she wanted her books back for some inspirational ideas.  Shine had very high standards with regard to her own art and wanted to maintain the status quo.  So Shine asked herself, did Shrew do this deliberately? so Shine could not win again?  Shrew had competed with Shine in the floral art arena but had never subjected her work for judging.  But Shine had and she had won first prize and had  been judged grand champion.  Shrew of course would never do this, for she could not take the criticism or the possible failure and that would mean she would lose her self elevated egoistic power.

Shine’s brother returned a few days later and bald faced told her a monumental lie.  He went along with his psychopathic wife – even after being told she had taken them! The lie: “No, Shrew had not taken them, the friend that Shine had there at the time had taken the books”!  Shine’s jaw hit the table she was sitting at and could not believe here ears!.  My God, what a betrayal!  Shine then knew for sure that Shrew had set it up deliberately and what is more, Shrew was blaming a totally innocent person that she did not even know for this crime.  How low can one get thought Shine to herself.  Unfortunately she was related to these people and her closest brother was going along with the deceit, lies and theft!  Shine was wounded beyond measure and her brother became so insistent that Shine had it all wrong she started to question and doubt herself.  How insidious are the evil machinations of the psychopaths and their minions?  Emotional pain erupted in Shine’s mind and body and a whirling disorientation that defied belief settled in her heart and the pit of her stomach.  Shine knew beyond doubt the books were gone and she would have to buy more even though she was unable to afford it. Some would not be able to be replaced as they were out of print – a treasure indeed lost! 

 A few days later Shine went and confronted Shrew over the books in her home and received the same lie.  Shrew even told Shine that she could check the book case for she did not have them.  Shine did so and the books were not there.  There was one of the books in the shelf that was the same as Shine’s and was still in print and Shrew claimed she had bought it.  Shrew ever so nicely then said, “But if you want it you can have it, I don’t need it any more and I can see your upset over the loss of your books”.  What bitter gall came into the mouth of Shine at this statement and Shine knew beyond doubt that she was in the presence of true evil!  She refused the book as that would give the psychopath another minor victory and she left Shrew and her brother’s home.

Shine resolved within herself that she was not the one that was wrong and she rang her sister for comfort and to confirm the truth of her story.  Shine’s sister was irate and wanted to do harm to Shrew but did put Shine’s mind to rest. Yes, Shrew had borrowed the books.  But to make doubly sure Shine went and visited her friend and asked her if she had borrowed the books.  Shine’s friend reacted very indignantly over the question stating that “It was Shrew who took the books and how could you think such things of me?”  Shine tried her hardest to explain that she knew her friend had not taken the books for she had no interest in floral art, but that Shrew and her brother had been so convincing that Shine had doubted herself.  Shine’s friend was very angry with her and was reluctant to forgive her, for she had thought better of Shine, but accepted the story and Shine could see that she had let her friend down and unwittingly had betrayed their friendship.  This relationship would soon come to an end for the psychopath had done her work in this area also.  The attack was twofold.  Destroy Shine’s chances of winning another competition, and destroy another friendship that Shrew had no control over!

Shine was mortified and grief-stricken and could not console herself at the loss of a friend.  But Shine thought she could do some thing about the competition.  She would still enter and she would work hard to win, for Shine knew that if she won that would really get up Shrew’s nose, for Shrew was full of psychopathic jealousy and resentment.  ‘There is more than one way to skin a cat!’

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.


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