The cream splattered bush.7.

A number of years had passed and Shine’s daughter had entered school and was doing very well, her grades were excellent and she appeared to be thriving.  Bozonarciss was also at a different school and seemed to be working quite well also, but her grades were not as good as her younger cousin.  Bozonarciss and her mother Shrew would occasionally come and call on Shine and her family and information would been exchanged during these visits and Shrew would always inquire as to the family gossip.  Shine’s brother was a regular visitor to her home at least once a fortnight, more often every week as he and Shine were very close and in these visits he would catch up with the family news and events that were happening.   Shrew would never allow Shine’s brother to attend his family’s christmas dinner, New Year gatherings or social functions and for 24 years he never saw his family at Christmas.  So for all that time his own mother and father were deprived of his company at this most important time of year!  A time of holiday, family and cheer with good will.  There was always a touch of sadness and regret at Christmas for he was always missing!   Shrew was such a good christian with good will to all men, NOT!  

Such was the control of the psychopath but Shrew would always turn up out of the blue and Shine always knew that Shrew was seeking information or up to no good! Shrew was driven by ulterior motives and none could be trusted – such is the psychopath!  Shrew would always lie about what was happening and then Shine would later find out that Shrew had made a surprise visit to Shine’s parents (Shrew always neglected to pass this information to Shine) and they also would wonder what the motive was.  For they also did not trust Shrew and could not forgive her neglect and abuse of their grand-daughter.  Psychopaths do not like rules and therefore will always break them in malicious and devious ways.  They know what to say to people and can come across as caring and sympathetic, but they are hollow empty words with no caring emotion behind them.  They learn early how to appease people but do not develop a conscience (Freud’s super-ego) like normal people do.  Shine’s family had learnt this the hard way and had many psychological scars to prove it!

Shine had decided to redecorate her daughter’s room as she was now old enough to appreciate it and because her grades and behaviour were so good at school, it would also be a reward.  Shine had been told by her daughter’s teacher that her daughter was an absolute pleasure to teach. Shine was so proud of her! as she was all of her three children for the same comments had been made by all their teachers!  She asked her daughter what colour she would like her room painted and yes you guessed it, pink, like most little girls.  So Shine bought the paint and also wall paper for a feature wall, curtain material to make new curtains, new bed and bedspreads also.  Shine’s brother also volunteered to give her Bozonarciss’s old dressing table which was gracefully accepted, as it had been sitting in the garage unused.  So Shine repainted the dressing table in white gloss as the trims and skirting boards and window frame of the room had been painted white and it matched beautifully.  Shine’s daughter loved the room and Shine was proud of her work when the room was finally finished.

Shine’s sisters would regularly come and visit her and they too became involved with the redecorating of the room.  The carpet in the room was a rich red and they helped Shine shampoo and clean the carpet and when the job was finished they marvelled at how well the colour scheme came together ; with the pink pearlised wallpaper as the feature wall.  Pink, red and white, it was truly a lovely little room fit for a little princess! 

Shine’s daughter might have been intellectually bright but she was not particularly fond of keeping the room in an orderly condition, which was a pity as a lot of time, effort and money had been invested in the room.  So one of Shine’s sisters came up with an idea.  She would buy some expensive things to sit on the dressing table and some luxury items that would hopefully motivate Shine’s daughter into keeping the room tidy.  These nice items would look lovely and enhance the prettiness of the room.  One item in particular was a beauty set of perfume, body cream and talc, with a rose scent and it too was coloured pink to match with the rest of the room.  It sat proudly on the dressing table and Shine’s daughter was so taken with it she kept the room tidy.  She would not use the creams as she did not want to spoil the look of the packaging and the ‘oh so pretty’ effect. So it had never been opened since it was first bought!

On one particular day Shrew and Bozonarciss came to visit and see the finished room.  It struck Shine as odd that they should have such interest in the room as Shrew would always infer that she was better than Shine and so such things were beneath Shrew.  Shrew also always inferred that Bozonarciss was better than Shine’s daughter, (Shine’s brother also played this pernicious game, was this the influence of Shrew?) particularly with regards to school.  When it got too much for her, Shine at these times would insist on comparison’s of school reports when they were due at mid year and end of year, and invariably Shine’s daughter’s were straight A’s, Bozonarciss’s were not.  The argument would be put to rest for a while but when Shine would proudly brag of her daughter’s academic achievements, it would always arise again – Bozonarciss was more clever.  This coming from a contol freak who neglected her daughter, did not genuinely care!  Shine would secretly think to herself, yes more clever at deceit and manipulation was the budding psychopath!

So anyway, on this day after checking out the newly decorated room, Shine offered Shrew a cup of tea and they both retreated to the dining room leaving the two girls to play together.  Bozonarciss was ten years old at this time and her younger cousin was still nine as there were five months between them.  After some time Shine noticed that her daughter was present in the lounge room and Bozonarciss was missing.  She asked where Bozonarciss was (Shine had learnt that Bozonarciss was likely up to no good, months of caring for her had confirmed this) and her daughter did not know, but was petulant.  Shine noted this and thought it strange but it would keep for later because her gut instinct was telling her that mischief was afoot!  So Shine searched the house and as she approached her daughters bedroom she found Bozonarciss coming quickly out of the room rubbing her hands together as if something was on them and she wanted it off them!

“What were you doing?’ asked Shine of Bozonarciss. “Nothing!” she snarkly replied, with her little face red and that puckered little mouth snarled together like some anal sphincter.  She shot past Shine hurriedly and headed for her mother and the dining room and Shine knew deeply within herself that Bozonarciss had been doing damage within the room!  She took a glance around her daughter’s room and could not outwardly see anything amiss.  But Shine knew!  Something was wrong here and she would get to the bottom of it.  Shine returned to the dining room and informed Shrew that her daughter Bozonarciss had been in the room and denied any wrongdoing.  This brought a response that Shine did not expect.  Shine expected Shrew to question her daughter as to what she was doing in the room by herself, but no, what happened was that Shrew immediately got up and said they were leaving!  Shine was shocked to say the least and chidingly thought to herself, ‘you should have known better than to expect honesty and decency from either of them!’

So Shine went to see her daughter to find out what had happened.   It turned out that Bozonarciss had upset her daughter by calling her names and causing a fight so that Shine’s daughter left her own bedroom and that gave Bozonarciss the time to do what damage she could.  So shine asked her daughter to go and check her room for Shine knew deep within that dark mischief had been done.  Shine’s daughter did as asked and a few moments later there came to Shine’s ears and wail and then crying.  Shine quickly ran to her daughter’s room and found her daughter crying and holding the beauty set that had been on the dressing table.  It had been torn open and the rose cream bottle was half empty with the contents gone.  Bozonarciss had been doing her work!

A search was then conducted and the missing contents could not be found.  The bathroom sink was checked – nothing there.  The whole house was searched and still nothing could be found!  Whilst in her daughter’s room Shine noticed that the window was open and asked her daughter had she opened the window. Her daughter had no recollection of doing so and so Shine proceeded to go outside and investigate.  And what did Shine find outside her daughter’s window?  A cream splattered bush!  A bush that was growing beneath the window.  It’s shiny green leaves splattered with pink rose scented cream all over it!  Bozonarciss, jealous little psychopath that she was, had caused the fight with Shine’s daughter in order to get her to leave the room, then once she was alone, had opened the beauty set and the window and was emptying the contents out the window.

Obviously, when Bozonarciss heard Shine calling and looking for her, she quickly put the set back on the dressing table, for she was nearly busted and this is why she was rubbing her hands and was red-faced when Shine found her in the doorway of her daughter’s room.  She was rubbing the cream off her hands trying to destroy the evidence of her crime!  Shine was livid and thought to herself what a nasty jealous and deceitful little cur Bozonarciss was.  What a disgusting thing to do out of  jealousy and resentment to your cousin.  How malicious Bozonarciss was to set it up with a fight so she then could do what damage she could whilst she had the time.  It would be like an adult going to another’s home and seeing artwork they resented the other having and so they would destroy it, because they could not have it.  Lord knows what other damage she would have done, had not Shine intuitively known that some thing was amiss? 

What was Shine to do about this?  Confront Shrew and Bozonarciss? Would it do any good or would there just be the usual denial?  “It had been so close,’ Shine thought to herself.  “I nearly busted her red-handed! ‘(pun intended)  for that was what was required in order to prove that Shine was right.  “Had Shrew deliberately brought Bozonarciss over to Shine’s home in order for Bozonarciss to do her dirty work?’  Was Bozonarciss the apprentice of Shrew?  Shine mulled over these thoughts and asked herself, how deep did the deception go? whilst she comforted her daughter and promised to replace the damaged goods.  One thing was for sure and that was the same behaviour, over and over again.  The set up, manipulating for time and position, the destruction of the money, property, the dolls and now the cream.  Some consideration was needed.

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.


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