The employment of Shrew demises. 6.

As the days went by Shine faithfully kept trying to instil in Bozonarciss a sense of morality and appropriate behaviour. Shine spent many hours with Bozonarciss and her younger cousin educating them but every time that Shine thought that she was becoming more successful at doing so, in the quiet times, Bozonarciss would again be found in the boy’s room or encouraging her younger cousin to commit offenses and get blamed for them.  Just when Shine felt that she was at the end of her tether and was giving up any hope of Bozonarciss losing her budding psychopathic ways, her brother shocked her one day.  He announced that Shine would no longer be looking after or caring for Bozonarciss as Shrew had decided she was giving up working.

Shine was shocked at this revelation for Shrew had only been at work for just over seven months and this was supposed to be a permanent job.  Finances had been an issue and now Shrew was giving up the only job she had had since getting married.  Shine wondered to herself what was behind the manipulations of Shrew.  Was it that her manipulative ways had been discovered at work?  Had Shrew deliberately done so in order to stop working?  Of course, it would have been everyone else’s fault and Shrew could easily say so without any proof.  Psychopaths are very good at setting others up for a fall into disgrace!  Did Shrew resent the loss of control over her husband and particularly Bozonarciss?  What was really going on here? Shine wondered, perhaps Shrew is too bloody lazy and refused to contribute!  Something was obviously amiss and where Shrew was involved there was always an ulterior motive.   Shine knew that nothing was ever that simple if Shrew was involved, period!

Shine kept these thoughts to herself as her brother was putting on Bozonarciss’ pajammas before going home for the evening.  It was obvious to Shine as she watched him do this and Bozonarciss’ reaction to him, that he was the main care giver of the child at home and he was getting little support from Shrew at home.  So Shine thought, how much care is Bozonarciss going to get now as after all, let us face it, Shrew’s care of Bozonarciss had not been exemplary up until this point in time and more ‘hunger strikes’ were not out of the question where they?  Was it likely that the child could revert to not eating? again  and was she prepared enough for school?  One could go on…  there was enough evidence to support any of the suppositions!

Shine’s brother was very regretful at these turn of events and he told Shine so, for he said, he could see the difference in Bozonarciss.  She was better behaved at home and she was now eating regular meals thanks to Shine.  Bozonarciss had gained weight and was more outgoing, she did not sit on the lounge and bang her head as much any more and it was becoming less and less each day whilst she was at home.  Bozonarciss was of course not permitted to do this at Shine’s place.  Shine gracefully accepted the compliments from her brother, thanked him and could see that he also was disturbed by this latest turn of events.  Shine asked her brother how they were going to cope with the lack of finances in the house again, as they would be back to ‘stuggle street’ and interest rates were rapidly rising, mortgage payments increasing along with food and other living expenses.

Shine’s brother had no answer to this question and it would not be too long before Shine, who was not well off herself, would be giving her brother money and taking boxes of groceries over to her brothers home, because things had become so dire.  The interesting thing was that Shrew never acknowledged these good deeds by Shine and still continued to vilify Shine and her family.  Shrew never thanked Shine for this provenance or the care that Shine was showing to her or her child and husband.  It made Shine angry at this reaction but Shine had stated to others that she would do it again if necessary, for she loved her brother and niece and would never on any occasion lower herself to the status of Shrew.  Shine could sleep at night, for her conscience did not bother her and although Shrew professed christian values, she did not live by them.  Shine on the other hand, who did not profess christian values, did live by them and had more ‘christianity in her little finger’ than Shrew would ever possess in the whole of her body!

And so it was, within a matter of two weeks that Bozonarciss left the care of Shine, with Bozonarciss sneering up at Shine with that little mouth puckered in that little ugly sneer she had acquired at such an early age, as she walked out the front door. Defiance etched permanently on those small features, the little legs strutting at a funny angle because of the bony little knees and pigeon feet.  Bozonarciss would never out grow those awkward legs as the damage had already been done because of the lack of calcium/ nutrition.  Bozonarciss had also acquired a rather loud and raucous burp as the result of too much hydrochloric acid in the stomach from a lack of food at such an early age.  She would burp outrageously and loudly after eating, some found it embarrassing and still do.  So it was an end in one stage and a beginning in another, such is life.  One door closing and another opening.

 But Shine at least was able to feel that she had contributed to trying to steer the moral compass of Bozonarciss in a straighter line;  and  Bozonarciss was better prepared for school now than when she had been given over into Shine’s care!  So something had been achieved and Shine had been able to help her older brother and by doing so had helped to make the world a better place.  Shine believed she had made a difference and if all of humanity had this attitude of caring, the world indeed would be a much happier place in which to exist.  Shine thought to herself it sounds utopian but it is possible! Shine also knew that there were lessons to learn in the pain that humanity suffers, and it is needed for the soul to evolve, because who learns from happiness? But there is also the unnecessary pain that is caused by the likes of Shrew and her psychopathic ilk!  Pain that does damage and destroys lives, that serves no purpose other than to put others down and make the psychopath feel powerful and in control!

On her last day in Shine’s care little Bozonarciss was showing no regret or sadness but her younger cousin was.  She was sad and deeply so for she was losing a playmate and would be alone now again during the day.  But Shine reminded her that school was now only a couple of months away and she would make many friends at school and would soon forget this sadness.  Shine wanted to say to her and think about all the toys that won’t get broken, and all the times you won’t get into trouble because of Bozonarciss, and the freedom you will have instead of having to do what Bozonarciss wants.  You can play your own games and not Bozonarciss’.  Shine so dearly wanted to say such things but she would not burden her daughter with such thoughts for she wanted her to be care free and to enjoy her child hood, for no doubt she had already suffered at the hands of the budding psychopath Bozonarciss

Shine thought to herself, perhaps she is already scarred, only time would tell but she would not mention it now and perhaps with time her daughter would forget.  But in the meantime peace and order could be re installed in her life and she could gain some measure of happiness and security before entering the turbulent times of the school era, in a young persons life.  Peer pressure would soon raise its ugly head and there would be other budding psychopaths to deal with, who would bully and coerce and try to force control on their young peers.  So Shine left these disturbing thoughts in her own unsettled mind, comforted her daughter reassuring her with positive notions and continued on with the house work and the never-ending chores of parent hood.

There would be other days and other times for the telling of these tales and they would be better understood by a more mature mind.  They could be analysed and sorted through and broader understanding brought to bear on a mind that was inclined to investigate them.  They  would perhaps draw answers and serve as lessons for those who were searching for some insight into their future behaviours.  Shine mused over these ideas as she dragged the vacuum cleaner from its closet and knew that the actions and consequences of Bozonarciss were a long way from being over and the not too distant future would bring more damaging trouble for Shine’s family!

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.


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