The moral compass continues to pervert deeply .5

Bozonarciss returned the next day and still did not show any remorse.  Shine observed her as she marched into the house, her tiny defiant strut saying that she did not care what had happened the day before and she would continue to behave as she wanted to.  Shine was astounded to say the least, as she had given a lecture to Bozonarciss’ younger cousin and the rules once more had been reinforced,  and Shine’s daughter was quiet, pensive and regretful. She knew that she and Bozonarciss had crossed the line and was now treading a very fine one indeed!  The comparison of the two behaviours had shown Shine that she was right in her estimation of the situation and that she was also correct about Bozonarciss and her budding psychopathic behaviour.  “My God would you have a look at that!” thought Shine when Bozonarciss eyed her as she strutted past, small mouth puckered in a defiant stare.  “Here we go again!’

Shine’s daughter’s mood was muted and her behaviour stated that the ‘boy’s room’ was definitely off-limits and to cross that line was going to be serious trouble indeed – with penalties and loss of privileges. It was a ‘no go zone’ and had to be obeyed!  Unfortunately, Bozonarciss saw no such restrictions and continually broke the rules and was found in the boy’s room on many more occasions, going through their things. Shine was furious with her and even smacked her for it, (permission had been given by her father, as this was becoming a serious problem). But Bozonarciss would demonstrate behaviour that showed she had no boundaries and would defiantly receive the smack and then when things had quieted down again, she would be found again in the ‘boy’s room’ trying to lure her younger cousin in there once again!

Shine was becoming so frustrated with the child and would often think to herself that it was ironic.  Shrew was such a supposedly Christian person and yet she appeared to have given birth to demon spawn, but Shine would correct herself and remind herself that it was the mother Shrew’s influence which had ruined this child and turned her into a ‘mini me’  – a budding psychopath.  So Bozonarciss had to be watched more and more and her behaviour became worse, her jealousy, envy and resentment materialised and grew with the passing of each day.  Bozonarciss was eating much better and that was terrific but her behaviour was ‘out weighing’ that ‘gain’ and actually nullified the gains that had been made in the appetite arena.

Bozonarciss continued to be recalcitrant and Shine would just wonder, ‘what in the name of god had happened here?’  How could one so young – only five – show such behaviour? It defied belief!  Bozonarciss really was starting to look like the bad seed.  Trying to counteract this behaviour and instill some empathy and caring into Bozonarciss was becoming an impossible chore and Shine felt that there were not enough hours in the day to accomplish this.  How long would the child have to be under the guiding influence of someone other than Shrew who could re-establish a normal moral compass?  The answer to this question to this day remains unanswered!

So life at that time continued and not long after that day, Shine heard her daughter crying in her bedroom and Shine went to investigate once again.  Getting any housework done was becoming a joke! as so much time was being taken up with Bozonarciss.  She found her daughter kneeling on the floor and leaning against her bed crying her little heart out, with no sign of Bozonarciss.  Discovering her daughter in this way really upset Shine and she inquired as to the reason for it.  Her daughter told Shine that Bozonarciss had broken the head of  her new Barbie doll, which at that time was her favourite.  Bozonarciss had done it out of jealousy yet again!

Shine’s siblings were many and they were regular visitors to the home.  They frequently bought gifts for Shine’s children as Shine’s kids were the first nieces, nephews and grandchildren in her family. Whether it was clothes or toys, a new Barbie, or Barbie clothes, toys for the boys, or clothes – whatever.  They were also rewards for good behaviour or for helping out with the chores and assisted Shine in bringing up the kids.  Shine had always allowed her siblings to chastise her children as Shine often said, if they were looking after them, they were responsible for them and so they needed to be able to control them also.  So when Shine’s children were well-behaved, and worked hard at school etc. which they usually were, they were rewarded.

So Bozonarciss in her jealousy and resentment – once again – had damaged that which she did not have – the same psychopathic behaviour.  “If I can’t have it, then neither can you!”  Better it be destroyed than Bozonarciss having to deal with the fact that she could not own and control it.  Bozonarciss had plenty of  Barbie dolls and frequently brought hers with her but her cousin did not break Bozonarciss’ dolls.  She knew better!  Bozonarciss was an only child and being so had more than enough, but that was rational thought and even at the young age of five Bozonarciss had no idea of what rational thought was.  Shine had worked very hard to educate her children and get them to try to think rationally instead of emotionally.  Thinking emotionally she had taught them was  to cloud one’s judgement, it was the road to making many mistakes and to misjudging situations, which always led to painful situations or resolutions. Shine had been taught this by her mother and was passing it onto her children normally.   

The children did not obviously always think rationally, but they were aware of it and at times they could sit down and rationally think through problems. Shine had always insisted that they sit down at the dinner table and rationally work through any issues that they had as a family, as Shine felt this would help them become responsible citizens and decent life partners.  It was an open house hold and discussions around the dinner table were an every day event.  Communication being uppermost in Shine’s mind as it led to reasonable solutions!

Shine looked for Bozonarciss but she was nowhere to be seen.  Shine also looked at the bed and there was her daughters Barbie lying headless on the bed and naked.  Shine then comforted her daughter, promising it would be fixed and all would be well, but where was Bozonarciss?  Hiding in the boy’s room was the answer.  So the little manipulator thought she would hide in the last place that Shine would look, as it was out-of-bounds.  ‘How dare she?’ Shine thought.  ‘Not only has she broken her cousins toy for spite, but now she has exacerbated the situation even more by further violations of the rules!’ ‘This child really does not know how to behave responsibly and how in the hell is she going to cope at school?’  ‘She will be the student from hell’. These musings rapidly passed through Shine’s mind as she turned and entered the boy’s room.  There was no sign of Bozonarciss in the boy’s room and Shine asked her daughter if she was sure that Bozonarciss was in there.

Yes was the reply, so Shine opened up the cupboard and there was Bozonarciss hiding in the cupboard with that puckered little mouth, distastfully sneering up at Shine.  Oh, Shine was livid, steam was just about coming out of her ears. Once again no remorse, no ‘sorry’ but defiance and anger that would have been appropriate on the face of her mother Shrew!  No words can describe what Shine was feeling as she was at a loss to even comprehend the deviousness of this five-year old child.  How on earth are such things possible in one so young?  What lessons was she being taught at home?  By the way Bozonarciss was glaring at Shine with such vehemence it was as if it was Shine’s fault and not hers!

Bozonarciss was taken out of the cupboard by Shine who was herself shaking with anger at this response and taken back to her cousins room.  Bozonarciss refused to apologise to her cousin and was also glaring at her cousin, like it was her fault also.  By Bozonarciss demonstrating such behaviour, it was obvious to Shine that she was guilty of breaking the doll and would not bend or give in any way.  It was as if she had the right to be destructive and all others should allow this behaviour, for she Bozonarciss was only ever right and none could gainsay it!

Bozonarciss was thoroughly told off and sent to the lounge room for the rest of the day to think about her bad attitude and behaviour.  She would remain alone and not allowed to play with her younger cousin and her father would be told of her obnoxious ways when he came to pick her up.  He too was at a loss when it came to his daughter and her refusal to say sorry and he wondered how on earth he was going to resolve this situation.  For if Bozonarciss acted like this at school she would be ostracised and unliked.  Friends would be far and few and who would believe a word she said.  He saw a future with nothing but trouble in it for Bozonarciss and knew then that discipline was sorely needed!  A plan was in order, but it was going to be a long and hard road for his manipulative child and Shrew he knew, was to blame!

Shine meanwhile, consoled her daughter and thought about just giving up with Bozonarciss, just put it in the too hard basket and move on.  But would that help, would it solve anything?  Shine cared for her niece and the thought of the difficulties that Bozonarciss would face in her life grieved Shine.  So she resolved to continue and to try to redirect the machinations and energy of Bozonarciss.  Perhaps some vestige of decency could be restored.  Once again what would tomorrow bring? Could Bozonarciss be turned around and made to see the error of her scheming little ways?

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.



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