The realisation of Truth. 4.

And so Bozonarciss became a healthy little girl with a good appetite in the end, not because of her mother, but because of some of her aunties and her father – who quietly worked to achieve this goal: the life and health of Bozonarciss.  As Bozonarciss grew up, she never knew what care and love had been given to her by her aunts. Bozonarciss unwittingly allowed her mother Shrew to influence her thinking throughout her life not realising the lies that had been told to her.  Not knowing the negative behaviour of her mother and the manipulative externalization she forced upon Bozonarciss.

So did Bozonarciss ever ask herself why her mother so vilified her in-laws?  Did she ever ask herself what was it that these relatives had done to earn such vehemence from Shrew?  How could Bozonarciss know? As can be seen, if the in-laws were allowed to come too close, Shrew the lying psychopath would be exposed!  The truth could be told, the truth would come out and let us face it, if Bozonarciss knew that her mother neglected her and abused her, would she still feel the same about her mother Shrew?  Would Bozonarciss see her aunts and uncles in a different light?  Would Bozonarciss know that these same people, that she Bozonarciss also vilified and discriminated against, had actually saved her life and helped create a future she now enjoys and lives in?

Would Bozonarciss believe the truth when she hears it, would she have an open mind and think  and reflect on it?  Would she go back through her memories and say “yeh, something wasn’t quite right there”?  Perhaps there is an answer in that story. Perhaps God has finally given her what she asked for!  “And the truth shall set you free”.  Would Bozonarciss reflect on this and come to realise, she had been very unkind to her Aunts and Uncles, and yet they had done nothing wrong – they had given her a precious gift – her life and health and she did not even realise such a thing.  It would never enter her head to question, so indoctrinated Bozonarciss had been by her mother Shrew that such thoughts were far from the mental capacity of Bozonarciss.

These questions were the musings of Shine as the years went on, for Shine could see what was happening.  She could also see traits developing in Bozonarciss that she did not like, such as her jealous and under handed behaviour that she rapidly was learning from her mother Shrew.  It so happened one day, whilst Bozonarciss was in the care of Shine, that Bozonarciss had become very quiet along with her younger cousin.  Shine felt that something was wrong here, as parents do when they have been parents for a while and that sixth sense kicks in, so Shine went looking for both of them in order to find out what was going on, for surely in her bones she could feel that mischief was afoot. 

Shine quietly searched the house and finally came upon Bozonarciss in her cousins room with a pair of scissors in her hand.  Where had she sneakily got these  Shine wondered, for all such implements were safely put away! Especially with young children in the house.  But to Shine’s horror, what Bozonarciss was cutting with up with the scissors was money!!!  She was showing her younger cousin how to do such things and the money was lying on the bed in tiny, tiny pieces. Shine was really angry now, livid in fact and wanted to know where the money had come from.  Was it out of her purse? surely it must have been or was it perhaps some one else’s pocket-money?  Shine grabbed the scissors out of Bozonarciss’ hands, who by the way was showing no remorse what so ever, and began to interrogate the guilty Bozonarciss.  She was reluctant to give any information at all and so Shine had to ask her daughter as to where the money had come from.

Slowly, oh so slowly, the story emerged from the younger cousin, meanwhile Bozonarciss was glaring at her as if she were the traitor, the cousin from hell.  To see such vehemence on Bozonarciss’ face unnerved Shine, and she could not believe that one so young could display such behaviour. No remorse, no sign of guilt, nothing but this ire and contempt for her younger cousin.  But then again, who was her mother, Shine asked herself.  The money had not come out of Shine’s purse, it had come from ‘the boys’ room – Bozonarciss’ older male cousins.  The boy’s room was off-limits for the girls and they should not have been in there as the boy’s room was not the girls domain and it was private.  These were the rules.  Bozonarciss had lured her younger cousin in there and Bozonarciss had been going through the boys things and had found the money – pocket-money- that they had worked hard for: doing chores around the house to earn it.

Bozonarciss brought the money out of the room and then shut the door to make it look like nothing had been touched. She then had asked her younger cousin to find scissors which she also had ‘sneakily’ done, which was not typical of her nature, as she lived in an open and truthful family and lying was not seen as ethical behaviour.  But getting her cousin to do the ‘dirty work’ was typical psychopathic behaviour, to  involve someone else in the conspiracy and then be able to blame them for the criminal act, and therefore the psychopath gets away with the crime, and they then feel powerful and in control.  After the scissors had been acquired, Bozonarciss then proceeded to show her cousin how to cut up the money.  Why would Bozonarciss do this Shine asked herself and Bozonarciss?  The reply, ‘she was jealous of her older cousin having money as she did not have any’, and so she would cut his up and he wouldn’t have it either!  What a way to think, definitely not normal empathic behaviour.  It showed nothing but resentment, jealousy, envy, immorality, anger, corruption and too many traits to mention here.  But these few will give you the picture!

The alarm bells were ringing in Shine’s mind!  Oh boy, have we got one here!  Like mother, like daughter.  And so young, Bozonarciss had just turned five and already was showing such manipulative behaviour that she had skillfully learned from her mother Shrew.  Shine was totally outraged and livid, she wanted to severely punish Bozonarciss but refrained from doing so.  Bozonarciss got a good telling off and her father was angrily informed and shown the evidence when he came to pick Bozonarciss up.  He was speechless, did not know what to say, his face red and totally embarrassed.

A discussion then ensued.  Did Bozonarciss know the value of money?  “Why yes, of course, doesn’t everyone learn the value  of money at a very early age”?  “Yes”, “before they can speak properly”  “Does Bozonarciss know it’s a serious crime to deface or destroy money, with severe penalties?” “Well, yes of course”. And so on, you get the gist!  Bozonarciss’s father reimbursed Shine for the money, not that it was a huge amount, only a dollar, but in those days it was quite a bit of money as this was the late 70’s, in todays value it would be between thirty or forty dollars – too much to just be destroyed!  Bozonarciss’s cousin had been saving his coins (pocket money) and then converting them into notes.  So Bozonarciss in her jealousy and resentment had decided to destroy his money and deprive him of it!  Psychopathic behaviour – she was already on the path – perhaps it was already too late thought Shine as her brother left with the non remorseful Bozonarciss in tow.

Shine would find that this behaviour would continue as the years went on and other incidents of sneaky lying behaviour would continue.  But they would also become more daring and more underhanded.  As Shine thought about it, she realised that Bozonarciss probably never would ask herself the questions she needed to ask herself.  Bozonarciss would probably never become fully self-aware of her internal machinations and therefore never really be able to change her manipulative behaviour, after all she was her mother Shrew’s daughter!   In order to change one’s behaviour, one must first accept there is a problem. Psychopaths cannot do this as they cannot lose control and admit that it is they, that has the problem.  If they think they do not have a problem, then there is no problem the rest of the world knows they have a problem – but the psychopath does not.

So as Shine sat that evening thinking over the days events, she realised there was a budding psychopath within her midst.  The family had acquired one through marriage and a second one through breeding and learned behaviour.  What did this bode for the future?  When Bozonarciss returned  the next day, what behaviours and trials awaited Shine? 

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.


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