Memories through the journey. 2.

 As the Aunt made her way to the train station to get herself home, she continued to remember the incident on that particular day. She wondered what had Shrew been supposedly doing out alone at night in a city was anyone’s guess, if the story was true, which all present doubted very much.  Much to the witnesses amazement, the brother came running into the room saying “Shrew, oh Shrew, you poor thing” Dear god the siblings thought, he’d fallen for it yet again!  Oh how many times does this have to go on they thought.  Will it never end?  When will he see the truth?  When will he wake up to the fact that he is being manipulated here and no good can come of it?  Can he not see what is happening here?  It was so obvious to everyone else.

So Shrew was then escorted to the brothers bed and a doctor was called for.  “No” yelled Shrew demandingly, “there is no need!”  This raised eyebrows to say the least!   After the convoluted graphic story of six huge blokes supposedly dragging her away and ‘raping her’, beating her up, violating her in unspeakable ways,  Shrew stated that ‘she did not need a doctor or wanted the police involved!  Excuse me! the siblings thought, after this alleged violent act, Shrew would not even allow herself to be examined by another female, another sister of her supposed beloved.  Well, to say the siblings were sceptical would be to underestimate the situation. If this was the truth, then pigs do indeed fly!

So the next morning, after Shrew’s downright refusal to allow any assistance of the night before, Shrew was driven to a police station to report it, as a major crime had been alegedly committed here and her beloved was urging her to do so.  Shrew flatly refused!  Shrew also refused to go to a doctor, even after being told there could be internal damage, bleeding and further complications. “No Way” was the emphatic reply. Can you smell a rat here? because others certainly could.  Surely if one had been so badly brutalised, violated and traumatised by such events, would one, not want justice for such alleged crimes?  The siblings thought so, and of course knew it was another manipulative trick of Shrew’s to get their brother back into her controlling grasp.  The brother also wanted justice, for such heinous crimes should not go unpunished!  But alas it was not to be, much to the consternation of the other siblings.

As the aunt sat on the train remembering this incident, she thought of that afternoon after Shrew’s refusal to act for the cause of justice.  She remembered how the family were going to see a couple of soccer matches, as family members were involved in the coaching of junior teams and this was a weekly event for the family.  At the soccer field there were old wooden seat benches, that were unique to that time and most people stood on them to get a better view of the game, as opposed to sitting on them, for they were a hard and cold seat.  One was not seated comfortably for long on those old benches, so they stood on them. 

 And low and behold, there was Shrew standing upon one of these old wooden benches, jumping vigourously up and down, up and down, up and down, yelling her head off at the players on the field!  It was the second half of the game and the scores were tight, an exciting match and Shrew had been totally involved in the game, enjoying it and expressing her joy by jumping up and down repeatedly for some time!  As the aunt sat on the train remembering, she also recalled thinking to herself, ‘how could a woman who was supposedly raped the night before, be standing and jumping up and down with such vigour on those wooden benches, yelling at the teams, laughing and joking like there was no tommorrow?  ‘How was it that Shrew was able to act this way, without hurting herself further, or even feel any pain after that alleged brutal encounter of the night before?  It was now only fifteen hours after the events of the night before!  Surely something was amiss here!

Well obviously, the aunt thought, there was no rape, no assault – zilch- it did not happen. It was one giant lie so Shrew could once again get her own way!  It was another of those manipulative, psychopathic stunts that Shrew knew how to pull so well.  Obviosly, she had spent most of her young life doing and practising these stunts so well that she believed others would always fall for them. But not the siblings, not at all. They were highly suspicious and it made them angry and the aunt was now angry all over again, as the family had been greatly upset by the incident. They had shown empathy and caring to Shrew, they had cared for her and were concerned for her wellbeing, but they had been betrayed. But Shrew, like all psychopaths had no empathy for them. She cared not a wit!

Shrew cared not, for how she toyed with their feelings, abused their trust and used them to get her own way. She cared not that she had deceived them and had used their good nature’s against them. What were they to her but nothing, pawns on a board, to be moved around at the whim of Shrew! Shrew gloried in her own power, for what she craved more than anything was the power to control and manipulate others. Shrew returned their empathy and caring with lies and deceit. It was just another of her endlessy controlling tactics that she used to prop up her insecure self, to make herself feel powerful. She used them to get her own way! Shrew didn’t care about who she hurt, or what emotional pain she forced on others you see, it was always, all about her!

The Aunt now knew for sure, there was not a doubt in her caring soul that she was dealing with some one, that is Shrew who would use, lie, cheat, deceive, whatever it took to get her own way. It saddened the aunt profoundly that her beloved brother was now married to one such as this, one who was now in the family. The aunt consoled herself with the thought, that at least this day she had helped some one and probably saved her neices life. A poor helpless baby that was being neglected and abused. And what to do about Shrew? Help was obviously needed, but how does one step over that line and interfere with or in other people’s lives, without being a control freak? Which the aunt was not. If she went to the authorities, it would hurt her brother, damage their relationship and because he was going along with the abuse – what could she do? The aunt was profoundly troubled and sad and angry all at the same time.

If the aunt had a crystal ball on that train and was able to view the future, she would have known that it was not to be the last time that some one in the family would have to intervene to save the life of Bozonarciss. In the future Bozonarciss would be malnourished and neglected and another aunt would have to step in and get her eating again! Because the family cared, because Bozonarciss was family by blood, and she was never going to get the truth from her mother Shrew. After all thought the aunt, psychopaths tell so many lies, they forget what is really true, because they believe their own lies. They cannot tell what reality is anymore! So the aunt made a promise to herself, she would remember truly, for her families sake and one day far into the future Bozonarciss would be told the truth. It was going to be many years, but the aunt knew that when some members of family had passed over, the day would come!

Bozonarciss would find out that those she had deceived, decried and defamed as an adult, did actually care for her. They had saved her life on at least two times and tried to help whenever they could, giving money, bringing food when the cupboard was bare and never asking for anything in return. It was done out of love and not for gain.

The aunt was very pensive as she left the train and headed for the walk home, it had been a long day and so many other memories of Shrew’s despicable behaviour were crowding her mind. These stories too must be told.

To be continued.

These stories are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental. This work belongs to the author.


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